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 Hairstyling and Colouring Services

Gossip@126 is a successful hairdressing salon. A traditional style salon with a close and friendly team of staff who provide a professional service in a sociable and enjoyable atmosphere. Gossip has a high standard of customer service and hair styling knowledge. The salon itself has a great location in Lee almost directly opposite Lee train station.

Cutting and Styling
Colours,Cutting and Styling

Cut and blow-dry 

Wash and cut

Gents cut

Wash and blow-dry - short hair

Wash and blow-dry - long hair

Curly/Wavy blow-dry - short hair

Curly/Wavy blow-dry - long hair

Perm, cut and blow-dry 










Majirel tint - roots

Majirel tint - full-head

Luo colour - roots

Luo colour - full-head

Dia-colour - roots

Dia-colour - full-head








Majirel - full-head, cut and blow-dry

Majirel - roots, cut and blow-dry

Majirel - SHORT hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Majirel - SHORT hair, roots, wash and blow-dry

Majirel - LONG hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Majirel - LONG hair, roots, wash and blow-dry

Dia - full-head, cut and blow-dry

Dia - roots, cut and blow-dry

Dia - SHORT hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Dia - SHORT hair, roots, wash and blow-dry

Dia - LONG hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Dia - LONG hair, roots, wash and blow-dry

Luo - full-head, cut and blow-dry

Luo - roots, cut and blow-dry

Luo - SHORT hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Luo - SHORT hair, roots, wash and blow-dry

Luo - LONG hair, full-head, wash and blow-dry

Luo - LONG hair, roots, wash and blow-dry



















Children - Cutting and Styling

Bleach - roots

Bleach - full-head

Toner - Dia

Toner - Luo

Crazy Colour application (after bleach)from







Full-head, cut and blow-dry 

Half-head, cut and blow-dry 

T-section, cut and blow-dry 

Full-head only

Half-head only

T-section only
















Full-head extension application
-Please be aware that pricing is based on application only. We do not provide the hair extensions. Please provide your own hair extensions.


Bridal and Hair-Up

Children upto 3 years old

Wash and cut

Children 3-12 years old

Wash and cut

Dry cut

Cut and blow-dry

GHD styling

Children 13-16 years old

Wash and cut

Cut and blow-dry

GHD styling









Hair-up from

French plait

Wash and plait

Wedding hair can be done in salon or on location.

'Bridal party package' includes the following:

-Bride trial styling

-Bridesmaids trial styling

-Mother of the bride trial

-Day of wedding styling (Bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride).

As every bride's special day differs, personalised quotes can be given on consultation with our stylists. They will tailor the above package to suit your needs.





Any colour correction will be quoted on consultation with one of our colour technicians.

All colour treatments that are applied directly to the scalp will require a 24 hour patch test.

OAP prices and other offers appear on our 'Offers' page. Please click here or click on 'Offers' in the main menu above to view.

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